A poem of philosophical meanderings

Sometimes I'm an afterthought
dying in a gutter like Poe
wondering when the pain in my
prefrontal cortex will end,
Yet is it the migraines
Or humanity's idiocy
that's driving me to suicidal
speeds along this empty highway?
If the flat-earthers are right
I'll drive right off the turtle's shell
into the abyss to fall forever
Like I've been doing since

A poem about the importance of the growth of the heart and finding new love

I wonder if you think about me anymore
As twilight drifts across your sleepy face?
A willow branch across the moon, a shadow
Across the bare feet of a sleepwalker’s swoon.
Is the bed as warm as it was? Or was I
so easily replaced? Is it still the same
hourglass shimmering Hamlet’s specter? A
Hallway of…

A poem of the Earth within your eyes

Eternal winter
snowflake smiles
and ghost town eyes
looking into the wilderness
of a mind unraveling
11-dimensional yarn
tattered cornfields twist
as Ariadne sleeps
in the meadowlands of a new kiss.
Did you forget to tend the fire?
Did you forget to say goodbye?
Did you forget I loved you,
when you left, sweeping mist
of the desolate night?
I would have stopped the…

Bradley J Nordell

Quantum physicist, science writer, explorer of the mind and philosophy, fiction writer, poetry, and creator of worlds. Find me on Twitter @bradleynordell

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