My First Book is Published

The Second Sky is available, and this is an Author’s Journey.

Bradley J Nordell
5 min readApr 19

Origins of the Second Sky & Other Ramblings

Well, I did it. What did I do? Well, I’m getting there; hold your horses (and yes, I’m a 90-year-old man who still uses that phrase.) I’m a writer, so let me write on and ramble for a wee bit.

Most of you follow me for my good looks, charm, and wit. And, obviously, humor. Nah, let’s call a spade a spade, shall we? You follow me for my poetry. I write a lot of poetry. And just as a teaser, I’ve got two poetry books ready and one coming outer later in the year – But I digress. Most of my poetry is intellectually sad, like Camus, Robert Browning, & Sylvia Plath had a child, but sometimes I throw in some quantum physics, and all is well. But this is not about poetry. It’s about fiction.

Fun fact, I’ve been writing fiction longer than I’ve been writing poetry. Poetry has been something I’ve been doing for the last five years. I’ve been writing fiction since I was a kid when I wanted to write my own Goosebumps stories and eventually be the next Stephen King or Isaac Asimov (which hasn’t changed, that is still my goal.)

I grew up with science & science fiction. Whether I was reading Wells’s The Time Machine, Verne’s 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, or Bradbury’s Martian Chronicles, I dreamed up other words and the stars, playing out what-if scenarios and alternate histories. I thought the idea of another planet, like Earth, was the coolest thing in the universe, but not with all the horrible people, wars, and famine. Every day I would dream about the future. Most of that was for escaping my present reality, but it was writing nonetheless. With my knowledge of physics and imagination, I try my best to weave a genuinely possible future (even better than Nostradamus could ever dream of.) Every story is rooted in current or theoretical science. It is mostly about people. Our struggles. Our losses and loves, happiness and fear, joys and suffering. It’s all there.

I think my parents knew they had a strange kid on their hands when one day I took apart the tv to see how it worked (I did this with a lot of things, but I wasn’t a fan of putting it back together – once I understand it, it lost…

Bradley J Nordell

Author, poet, Quantum physicist, photographer, explorer of the mind and other worlds. New book "The Second Sky" is out now!