Those Nowhere Lands

a lyrical poem about friends lost along the roads of addiction

Photo by Luke Stackpoole on Unsplash

And it’s here where they wander to
It’s here where they fall to,
It’s here where death brings them to
Just before the fall,
Just before the uncertain rise.

Here they come
To find solace in a bottle
To find peace in hell.

Here they come as tragic characters
and leave as shades
Here they flee a life
that took more than it gave
To lay there fallen souls
in a damned man hands

Far beyond the grimacing moon
Shadows that chill
raven eyes, envious, view
Here, in midst of somewhere
This place scuttling in moments of nowhere
in the outskirts of these unholy lands

To be


Quantum physicist, science writer, explorer of the mind and philosophy, fiction writer, poetry, and creator of worlds. Find me on Twitter @bradleynordell

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