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I live in two worlds simultaneously. The world of science, that of rules and laws and principles, and the world of fiction, that of the mind and breadcrumbs to tomorrow. When I look back on those incoherent moments of existence, my brain hasn’t just created order and meaning from Entropy’s vast stage, but I see the story of myself emerge (aren’t all humans just stories in the end?). I see the human world of concepts take form. I feel my subjective importance amongst the vast emptiness of space. Like you, I become a beacon through the dark.

Science is nothing more than specialized storytelling. Storytelling that relies upon falsifiable methodology and verifying truth statements and theories. Here we are telling the story of reality, the cosmos, from galactic structures, the triumphant survivability, and diversity of the double-helical staircase of DNA and our organic family, all the way to the cathedral of atoms and subatomic particles. In the vast ineffable dark, we search for truth, purpose, meaning, and the prodigious answers to who we are and where we are going. The future is what we wish to grasp, to alter, to write. And that is why I am both a scientist and a fiction writer.

I believe science and fiction together; can help lay the foundation of tomorrow. Together, they can give us a vision and an insight into how we can create a better world, one that learns from the past, and one of greater equality and unity. A world where we utilize science for the betterment of all humankind. A world of mystery and beauty and kindness and love.

I understand the world best through words. And that is why you are here, is it not? So, expect from me not only science fiction, but also essays on science (mainly physics), philosophy, and even poetry (that’s right, scientists’ write poetry).

My stories are all “what if” pathways to venture down. They stick to hard scientific principles but also venture into the possible science of the future. They explore the effects of new technology upon humanity. They explore ideas of consciousness, reality, and artificial intelligence. They also act as a mirror, reflecting the light and the dark, the ugly, and the beautiful faces of being human; that grand multifaceted maze of consciousness and being. From science fiction to horror, to space, to the inner working of love and loss, I explore these great depths of the mind. But always with one goal in mind: breadcrumbs for tomorrow. Because with life, there is still hope. And though we may suffer, if we do it together and learn from the failed ways of the past, we can transform it into something great, a poetic masterpiece that reverberates throughout the eons of time.

Because I not only dream of tomorrow, but I also dream of the stars. I do not see Earth as our only home, but our first of many. I don’t see the 21st century as the last, but one of the millions of centuries to come. And there are a lot of stories to tell in that time. A writer’s voice must soar and travel beyond the page. Although a narrative begins in the Promethean fires of a single mind, it is, in truth, shared among the collective imaginations of us all. So, together, let us write the future. Let us venture into the unknown. Let us create the fictional multiverse of every mind and story. We are, after all, curious explorers.

I hope you enjoy the stories and ideas I will put here. And I’m looking forward to journeying with each of you. A quest that will take us through the cosmos of ideas and concepts of all these vast parallel universes that each of us writers creates together. We are a community of world builders. And it’s time for me to say hello.

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Quantum physicist, science writer, explorer of the mind and philosophy, fiction writer, poetry, and creator of worlds. Find me on Twitter @bradleynordell

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Bradley J Nordell

Bradley J Nordell

Quantum physicist, science writer, explorer of the mind and philosophy, fiction writer, poetry, and creator of worlds. Find me on Twitter @bradleynordell

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