A poem about the importance of the growth of the heart and finding new love

I wonder if you think about me anymore
As twilight drifts across your sleepy face?
A willow branch across the moon, a shadow
Across the bare feet of a sleepwalker’s swoon.
Is the bed as warm as it was? Or was I
so easily replaced? Is it still the same
hourglass shimmering Hamlet’s specter? A
Hallway of…

A poem about seeking those deeper things in existence

Like an atom struck by love,
I want to float
A cloud in the sky
A dragonfly upon the cattails
A falling leaf in fall
I want everything to be simple
Moss growing on a rock
A mountain sleeping at dawn
Cracked and weathered ice
Forming across Walden’s pond
I want to be timeless
Grass swaying, not a timepiece
In its…

A poem of the Earth within your eyes

Eternal winter
snowflake smiles
and ghost town eyes
looking into the wilderness
of a mind unraveling
11-dimensional yarn
tattered cornfields twist
as Ariadne sleeps
in the meadowlands of a new kiss.
Did you forget to tend the fire?
Did you forget to say goodbye?
Did you forget I loved you,
when you left, sweeping mist
of the desolate night?
I would have stopped the…

A poem about putting down your walls and embracing vulnerability with another

I built my heart in a glass house
and the land is rumbling
shattering around my mountain walls
which I built to keep you out.
The graveyard of my heart
hidden by jokes and a nihilistic farce
but now I’m feeling the fears
of my ice age begin to melt,
as poetry bleeds from healed wounds,
and truth slips…

Bradley J Nordell

Quantum physicist, science writer, explorer of the mind and philosophy, fiction writer, poetry, and creator of worlds. Find me on Twitter @bradleynordell

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